What is a Big G(r)AY Blanket?

Our Big G(r)AY Blankets were recommended in the 2021 "Queer Handmade Home Decor Gifts for Everyone on Your List" by them.us

The idea of creating a 'signature' blanket came to me about a month after I started my Etsy shop. I was about to knit my first cable-knit style blanket in grey loop yarn, and I got the idea to incorporate a rainbow at one end.

Big G(r)AY Blanket Rainbow Pride Cable Knit Blanket

Something about the combination of these different elements really ties together the opposing parts of my personality perfectly. Grey is definitely my comfort colour, and cable knits are a classic look that never goes out of style.

But the addition of the rainbow colours of the Pride flag, intersecting the pattern of the blanket really makes a statement that says "I'm here" and "this is who I am and I won't hide or suppress that".

When I looked on Etsy and other marketplaces, I did not see anything of a similar style, so I grabbed onto the idea, and really made it mine, by continuing to knit many more Big G(r)AY Blankets, each unique in their own way, combining my original knitting designs and my signature rainbow stripes.



Obviously these blankets have resonated with others as well! My Big G(r)AY Blanket Rainbow Pride blankets tend to sell as fast as I have yarn to make them, allowing me to branch out into other Pride flag colours, such as the Transgender Pride flag, with custom requests for other flags coming in.

It has really been a labour of love for me, and makes me so happy to think of this ever-expanding family of Big G(r)AY Blanket owners out there, especially in a world that is not always that friendly to us.

If you too would like one of these special and unique blankets, you can check my current inventory here, and view past Big G(r)AY Blankets on my Pinterest board (above is only a sample, see the full feed by clicking through!)

If you would like to request a custom order, use our custom listing or contact me! I suggest you review my custom order policies here first.