The following are answers to the most commonly asked questions. Please check here first to see if you can find your query below. If you still have questions that aren't covered, feel free to drop me a message!


What is loop yarn?

Loop yarn is a synthetic polyester or polyester blend yarn made by various manufacturers, which comes with pre-formed loops. It is intended to be finger knitted rather than knitted in a traditional fashion with needles. If you want more detailed info on loop yarn click here!

What size knitting or crochet needles do I need?

You don't need any needles! All of my patterns are for finger knitting with loop yarn. You may find it helpful to have/use a large crochet hook when knitting smaller gauges of loop yarn, and to weave and tie your ends in when you finish your blanket, but this is purely optional and a personal choice. For more information about crochet hooks and other knitting accessories, read my blogpost.

Where is the pattern I just bought? Are you going to mail it to me?

All patterns are digital downloads in a .pdf format. When you receive your email confirmation for your purchase, there will be a link included to your pattern purchase. You can download it immediately or at a later time when it is convenient to you. Patterns are non-transferrable and for your personal use only and may not be re-sold. To view your the .pdf file, you may need a file viewer like Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free here.

Are your patterns printable?

Yes! Pattern downloads are in a .pdf format and ready for printing. Most patterns include a chart where stitches are identified by letter and colour, so printing in colour is ideal, but not necessary. Some people prefer to view patterns on a screen (computer, mobile phone or tablet), which allows them to zoom in or close-up on parts of the pattern, but this is personal preference.

I have never knitted with loop yarn before - is it hard?

It's very difficult for me to assess your abilities! No two people are the same and we all have strengths and weaknesses. I have tried to accommodate different learning styles by including both written instructions and charts (and occasionally pictures) in my pattern instructions. I also include a guide to each of the stitches you will use in the pattern design.
If you are new to loop yarn finger knitting, I suggest visiting my page What is Loop Yarn? where you will find information and videos/demos, which will give you a better sense of what it entails. If you would like some simpler patterns to start with, I recommend purchasing one of my Easy Blanket Patterns or the Fancy Basket Weave Blanket Pattern, which is free to try!

Do you have a stitch guide or instructional booklet with photos?

Each pattern includes a Stitch Guide with instructions for the types of stitches used in that pattern. You can also refer to my online Loop Yarn Stitch Guide, which has written instructions for different stitches, as well as links to video tutorials and any blog posts I have written related to those stitches.

Do you have any non-loop yarn traditional knitting patterns?

Nope! I am a one-trick pony and I only write patterns for loop yarn because I love it so much! 

Do you only write patterns for blankets?

No! I have some patterns for rugs and other small knitting projects - see my Leftover Yarn Patterns and Small Project Knitting Patterns.

Can you write some loop yarn patterns for clothing items, like sweaters?

Rarely.  Knitting patterns for clothing generally need to be adaptable to different sizes, and things like sweaters need to be knitted in parts and sewn together - my spatial sense is not my strong point! As I feel more competent I may write the occasional pattern for accessories, but blankets are my main focus. Here are a few simple Clothing Patterns I have written.

Do you have any patterns for blankets in standard bed sizes?

My blanket patterns are generally for throw blankets and come in irregular sizes. I may attempt some designs for standard bed sizes at some point, but as mentioned in the answer above, spatial sense and adapting patterns to different sizes is not my strong point. Also, because customers around the world knit my patterns using different types of loop yarn in different sizes of yarn and skeins, trying to accommodate all of these variables in one pattern is more of a challenge than I am prepared for at this point! 
It has also always been my goal to make my patterns accessible to as many people as possible, so I try to stick to blanket patterns with a yarn cost of no more than around $50CAD/$50USD.

Can I suggest an idea for a pattern?

Yes! Please do send me your ideas. Whether I am able to immediately fulfill your request will depend on my time, ability, and whether I think the idea will appeal to a wide audience. You can read the 'Custom Patterns' section of my Custom Orders page to see a couple of patterns that I designed based on customer requests.
Also, please keep in mind that there are ethical guidelines that I try to follow when writing patterns using 'inspiration' sources: I won't copy patterns written by other loop yarn knitters. If you have a source photo for a design using standard knitting techniques that you want translated to loop yarn - that I can do, but I will also modify the new pattern to make it my own.
If I do successfully write a pattern inspired by your suggestion, I will credit you as the muse on social media and on my website and send you a copy of the pattern for free, with many thanks!




Are your blankets made of wool?

No. All the blankets and knitted items available in this store are wool-free and made from vegan polyester chenille yarn. (Some knitters outside of North American use the term 'wool' to describe any yarn - here in Canada, we only call sheep's hair 'wool', and all other yarns 'yarn').

What is chenille? 

Chenille yarn is a soft, fluffy yarn which looks and feels a bit like terry cloth. It is very soft and light, but warm. Chenille is a synthetic yarn made from polyester.

Are your blankets really vegan?

My yarn and blankets are vegan in that they are made from synthetic fibers (polyester) from non-animal sources. However, polyester is a synthetic fiber derived from processes involving coal, air, water, and petroleum. The manufacture and transportation of yarn entails processes which are/may not be environmentally friendly.

Are your blankets washable?

Yes! You can wash your blankets and other knitted items in the washing machine (or hand wash) on cold. You can find detailed care instructions here.

Can I put my blanket in the dryer?

Blankets and other items can go in the dryer on low. A tumble in the dryer is also a great way to re-fluff your blanket if it has gotten a bit squished with use. Do not overheat. 

My blanket arrived all squished. Is it ruined?

Not at all! Blankets are compressed and vacuum-sealed for shipping (it's how we reduce costs for such large items). A quick 10-30 seconds in the dryer on low will fluff it right back up!

How much does shipping cost?

Tracked shipping is free in Canada and the contiguous United States for all knitted items.  Untracked shipping is free in Canada and the contiguous United States for all stitch markers.

How long does shipping take?

Because of the pandemic, shipping speeds may vary. Processing time for your knitted item is generally 1-2 days max. (most items go out the same day). Shipping times within Canada are usually 2-7 days, whereas shipping to the U.S. is on average 7-10 days because of customs.
Do you take custom knitting order requests?
Yes! I suggest you read my page on Custom orders before contacting me wth your request.