About me

Everyone has that special blanket!

I've been disabled for almost 30 years now, and finding creative things to do that help (not hurt) is getting harder to do. Loop yarn knitting with chenille yarn has been therapeutic for me -- the yarn is feather-soft and I can knit without needles, which is much easier on my hands -- knitting is also a great distraction from pain!

I've always been an artist in some form or another (including creative writing, theatre, choral music and various visual arts), and am very much enjoying this current obsession with knitting and designing blankets.

Coming up with new and interesting patterns is like an itch I have to scratch - I'm not satisfied until I figure out a way through each new roadblock - which often leads to creating new stitches and new ways to use loop yarn that no-one has tried before.

While venturing online began as a way to sell the things that I create to make space in my home (blankets pile up fast!) and finance my passion, it has rapidly grown into a desire to share with others - not just by sharing my blankets, but also by inspiring other people to make their own blankets.

Whether you're in my shop to purchase one of my knitted creations or to purchase a pattern to craft one of your own,

I hope you love your blanket.


A white woman with a blonde bob and sunglasses, wearing a short blue dress, sits on a boulder among green grass.