Custom Orders

"Can I order a custom blanket?"

Yes! I am always happy to do custom orders for blankets or any of my original designs.

Below are some examples of my custom work (you can also follow my custom knitting board on Pinterest):

Custom colours

This customer wanted a dog blanket, using custom colours (grey, pink and green). I suggested a few options of patterns that would work with horizontal or vertical stripes, and the customer decided on my Wall of Climbing Vines Blanket Pattern. The size of the custom blanket is the same as the original pattern, with the only other modification other than colour being the border, which was added on after.

Grey and pink chenille striped blanket with mint green border.

Customer feedback: "The perfect blanket!"

Another customer was interested in my Purple Hanging Basket, based on my Hanging Basket Pattern, but wanted a custom colour. In general, my smaller knitted items are made from scrap/leftover yarn, so I can only offer custom colours based on my current inventory, unless the customer is willing to wait until my next yarn order. Luckily, the client was happy with this dark grey yarn that I had in stock, and requested two matching baskets.

Two grey knitted chenille hanging baskets.

Custom size

These two dog blankets were requested by the same client. They wanted dog mats using one of my original designs, and I recommended styles that had added thickness, to give the dogs a bit of added support on the ground.

The first mat is a smaller version of my Brioche Knit Style Blanket, with 2 x 3 squares, instead of the 4 x 4 squares of the original. The double-knit horizontal stitching of this knitting style makes it perfect for a dog mat or rug (see also my Brioche Knit Style Rug using Bernat Alize EZ-Wool).

The second mat was made using my Oval Rag Rug Pattern, which I customized to an approximately 2' x 3' size. Again, the braided rows of yarn yield a stronger, thicker surface, perfect for rugs or mats.

You can follow these super cute dogs and their new puppy sister on their instagram page: @theflyingfloof!

White and black dog on a knitted grey chenille dog rug.   Grey chenille dog rug in brioche squares.

Black fluffy dog on a green and blue rag rug.   Mint Green and Variegated Teal Chenille Oval Rag Rug

Customer feedback: "A perfect dog bed/mat. Both the doggos love it. Great colours. Soft and sturdy. Washes well."

Custom size and colour

The most frequent custom blanket request I get is for my Chunky Celtic Cable Saxon Braid Blanket. I've made it smaller, for my sister's baby, as shown below in blue (now available as its own pattern: Celtic Cable Saxon Braid Baby Blanket).

Blue chenille yarn Celtic cable blanket.

Customer feedback: "OMG its beautiful!!!! I love it!!!!"

I've also received several requests to make it longer than the original pattern. This customer wanted it the same width as the original, but longer, for a recipient over 6" tall. (Apologies for the picture quality - black is tricky to photograph!)

Black Celtic cable blanket in chenille yarn

Customer feedback: "Finally a blanket long enough to cover my tall partner's feet! Lovely custom made blanket, and our foster cat loves it, too!"

And finally, I've also expanded both the length and the width. To widen the original design, I added more cables and slightly modified the rope cables on either side of the centre braid, to give it a more balanced look. The customer who made this request initially requested one blanket, in light grey, only to return and request two more, in powder pink and blue. 

Light grey chenille Celtic cable blanket.

Customer feedback: "She loves it! It's perfect!

Powder pink chenille Celtic cable blanket.   Blue chenille Celtic cable blanket.

Custom Patterns

Sometimes my knitting pattern customers come to me with specific ideas for patterns that they would like me to write so that they can knit them for themselves. I welcome all suggestions, and as long as I think it's within my abilities, will work for loop yarn, and would appeal to other customers, I'll give it a shot!

One of my customers wanted a scarf with built-in pockets. While I tend to resist knitting garments, I found a traditionally-knitted photo of a scarf/shawl with pockets online (see it here) and was inspired by the way it was constructed, and thought I would be able to re-interpret it in a way that would make sense to my loop yarn customers.

Once again using my Chunky Celtic Cable Saxon Braid Blanket Pattern as design/texture inspiration, I created the Celtic Cable Saxon Braid Shawl Wrap Pattern

 Red chenille Celtic shawl with pockets.   Red chenille Celtic shawl, seen from the back.

Customer feedback: "Yes yes yes yes!!!!!! It’s gorgeous!!! Can’t wait to get started on it!!! Thank you!!!!"

You can see her husband modelling her version below. You can find this project and her other knitting on her instagram at @pam.roecrafts

Celtic Scarf with pockets.

This led to a custom knitting request for a shawl in light grey yarn, with measurements modified to the customer's specifications, shown here:

Grey chenille Celtic scarf with pockets.   Close up of back panel of grey chenille Celtic cable shawl.

Another pattern customer wanted a St. Patrick's Day-themed blanket with shamrocks. I thought this would be a popular blanket idea, and did some research on traditional Celtic knots with shamrock and clover motifs and came up with the Celtic Shamrock Clover Blanket pattern. The four-leaf clover centre motif doubles as a Celtic love knot, and has been a popular pattern with my customers!

 Celtic Shamrock Clover Blanket in green chenille yarn.

Customer feedback: "Reena this is absolutely FABULOUS, AMAZING and AWESOME all rolled up in one! Its BEAUTIFUL and[...] could be left up all year long! Not just a St Pat blanket you know what I mean. [...] I got to get this one going I'm so excited. Thank You...Thank You"

Conditions for Custom Orders

  • Full payment up front. I will not order yarn and begin knitting your order until full payment is received.
  • Estimated processing time is 2-3 weeks. This includes the time it takes for me to order and receive your yarn, which can be impacted by global service disruptions (like the pandemic). After you order/pay for your blanket, I will let you know when I receive the yarn and give you an updated estimated time of completion at that point.
  • Free delivery/shipping may not be available for custom orders. Depending on the size of your order, it may or may not qualify for my usual free shipping offer. Large/oversize items may be expensive/cost prohibitive to ship, unless you are local to Ottawa, Canada and can pick up your order.  I will always advise you of any shipping concerns prior to finalizing your order.

Ready to request a custom order? Contact me!