Alize Puffy More: Learn more about this innovative new loop yarn!

Alize Puffy More: Learn more about this innovative new loop yarn!

If you're a loop yarn finger knitter and are looking for a new challenge, Alize Puffy (the Turkish brand that also makes Alize Puffy and Alize Puffy Fine loop yarns), has released a new product - a double-stranded loop yarn that allows you to create double-sided designs with a very clean, finished look.

Alize Puffy More yarn brand marketing photo

Although Middle-Eastern and Eastern European loop yarn knitters are very familiar with the Alize Puffy brand, most of us in North America have to seek out distributors on Amazon and Etsy. I decided it was time to try out these yarns myself, since many of my customers do substitute Alize Puffy yarns when using my patterns. 


I ordered two products last month, some skeins Alize Puffy yarn (similar to our Bernat Alize Blanket-EZ yarn, and some skeins Alize Puffy More yarn. 

The first thing I noticed that was different about this yarn, other than the conjoined loops, was the size. Alize Puffy More loops are about 20 mm tall, which is about half the height of the other North American loop yarns on the market. 

Two brands of loop yarn against a medium-blue background, the larger grey and single-stranded, the smaller double-stranded and black and beige.

This reduced size makes for a finer look to your designs, but also impacts the ability to finger-knit it. I found it much easier to use a crochet hook when knitting it - finger-knitting was a bit awkward and fussy. Also, if one of the things you love about loop yarn is how fast you can complete your projects, you'll find this is a much slower knit.

Because of the smaller loops, you will also need more loops to complete a blanket. Whereas a 40" by 40" blanket with Bernat Alize Blanket-EZ yarn might be around 55 stitches by 50 stitches, to knit a blanket of the same dimensions with Alize Puffy More yarn, you'll need around 80 stitches by 80 stitches.  

A black and grey chenille loop yarn blanket in progress, against a medium-blue background.

Between the loop size and the fact that you have to knit two sides to every design, you can expect patterns with this yarn to take you around 4 or 5 times longer.

In terms of texture, I found it more similar to Red Heart Loop-It and Lion Brand Off The Hook yarns, with a tighter nap. It's still a soft chenille, but less 'fluffy'.

Is it worth it? I would say yes. While I'm not ready to give up my regular loop yarn, this is definitely an attractive product. Designs knitted with Alize Puffy More have a tight knit and heavy feel.

Edge of a black and beige knit blanket showing a double-bound edge.

The edges have a double-bind look that is very clean and professional-looking. It's perfect for graphic two-tone colourwork designs (something that standard loop yarn can achieve, but then you're left with a less polished look on the back of your blanket). It's the perfect product for knitting rugs.

If you'd like a video tutorial on this new yarn, here is an excellent one from Alize Yarns:

I've also created a set of general instructions for knitting Alize Puffy More yarn projects here, which you may refer to when downloading patterns I've written using this yarn.

If you'd like to try this yarn, I suggest a google search to find the best option for sourcing it near you. In Canada, I found the best option was to purchase it through a Turkish seller. I used Happillow on Etsy and had a good experience. They offer free shipping with a minimum purchase. I paid a small additional fee for express shipping, and received my order nine days later, with no additional brokerage or customs fees. (This is my personal experience and customs/brokerage fees can be a bit unpredictable, so do not take this as a guarantee). 

There are many Etsy vendors selling this yarn (click here to search Etsy), so I would recommend choosing one with many positive reviews from buyers in your country. Another option is Amazon. Because this is still a relatively new product, as time goes on, there will likely be more options for purchasing it as it becomes more widely available. And hopefully a North American producer will create their own version.

Ready to try it out? Try my free BUFFALO PLAID BLANKET pattern!

I'm also writing new Alize Puffy More patterns every month - you can peruse my collection here.

Want to design your own Alize Puffy More patterns? Check out this pattern generator on the Alize Puffy More website. The video below explains how the website works:


Have you used this product? Let me know what you think about it in the comments!

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