Loop Yarn Swatch Sizes

Trying to figure out how many stitches you need to make a blanket? We've created this chart with approximate swatch sizes for different brands of loop yarn.

These numbers are only approximate, and keep in mind that polyester chenille yarn has a certain amount of stretch, so actual swatch size may vary. 

Also, these swatches apply to knit/purl stitches only. Adding different textures of stitches to your pattern like criss-cross or cable stitches will squish your pattern and make it much smaller.


Loop Yarn Swatch Sizes


Not sure how to use these numbers to estimate your pattern size? Try our Loop Yarn Worksheets download, which includes this and other charts like our Loop Yarn Conversion Chart, as well as a guide and worksheets to help you calculate things like:

  • how many loops you need to knit a blanket of a certain size
  • how many skeins you'll need
  • how many more skeins you'll need to make a pattern bigger
  • how using different brands of loop yarn will affect your pattern