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Loop Yarn Worksheets

Loop Yarn Worksheets

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This listing is for a collection of tools meant to assist loop yarn finger-knitters in creating and modifying loop yarn knitting patterns.

Your purchase includes the following download:

1: Loop Yarn Size Tables (2 pages)

  • includes four charts:
  • 'Loop Yarn Skein Sizes' (lists the weights and skein lengths of 7 popular brands)
  • 'Number of Loops per Skein' (lists loop size and number of loops per skein)
  • 'Loop Yarn Swatch Sizes' (lists width and heights for 10-stitch, 60-stitch, 90-stitch and 110-stitch swatches)
  • 'Loop Yarn Conversion Chart' (details differences in width, height and number of skeins needed when converting from one brand of loop yarn to another)
  • all measurements in both metric and imperial

2: Loop Yarn Worksheet Guide (7 pages)

  • answers common how-to questions about creating and modifying loop yarn patterns, including:
  • 'I want to knit a blanket of a specific size. How many loops do I need?'
  • 'How many skeins will I need?'
  • 'I want to make a pattern bigger. How many skeins do I need?'
  • 'I bought a pattern but want to use a different brand of loop yarn. How will it affect the pattern?'
  • includes detailed explanations on using the Worksheets and Tables

3: Loop Yarn Worksheets (2 pages)
- a concise printout with just the calculation and conversion formulas

Need some graph paper to chart your patterns? Get our Printable Graph Paper for half-price when you purchase it at the same time as our Loop Yarn Worksheets, using code PATTERNWRITER at checkout.

These tables, worksheets and worksheet guide downloads and all listing photographs are the property of I Love My Blanket/Reena Belford. These designs are subject to copyright, and you may not distribute or re-sell these downloads/printables under any circumstances.

Due to the nature of this product being an electronic download, no refunds will be granted. THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT and no refunds will be given for failure of reading the details in full.

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