Alize Puffy More patterns now include stitch instructions!

Alize Puffy More patterns now include stitch instructions!

By popular demand, we've now upgraded all of our Alize Puffy More (double-stranded loop yarn) blanket patterns to include stitch instructions.

We will continue to include templates and charts with all of our Alize Puffy More patterns, but all of our blanket patterns will ALSO include row-by-row colour-coded stitch counts for those who find it easier to follow than the templates.

Here's a sample of what these instructions look like:

Colour-coded stitch counts
  • Each row has an arrow in front of it. This indicates the direction (right to left or left to right) you are knitting.
  • For each row, there are coloured blocks with numbers in them. This indicates the number of stitches to perform, in the colour indicated by the block.
  • As with our templates, most patterns will have default colours of black and white - it is up to you to assign actual colours depending on the colour combination of the yarn you have selected.
  • For multi-colour (i.e. more than two) patterns, these colour blocks will be the colours of the sample photos, but you may still assign your own colours if you choose different yarn options.

Because this update affects such a large number of patterns and purchases, we are not automatically sending out updated pattern copies to our customers, but you may request one by emailing us at

Please remember to include:

  • Your name (to help us validate your purchase).
  • The name of the patterns you would like new copies of.



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This is great news! I was using the patterns from the Alize website and they tell you row by row how many of each color. Now I can get my patterns from you. Love it!

Adrienne Dunlap

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