Loop Yarn Conversion Chart

Want to substitute a different brand of loop yarn for one of our patterns?  You totally can! But it's important to know that there are differences between brands of loop yarn. Several factors can impact your design when substituting yarn, including loop size, the spacing between loops and the skein size. 

To see how the loop sizes of the most popular brands of loop yarn compare, refer to our Loop Size Chart. To see how the skein sizes compare, refer to our Loop Yarn Skein Size Chart.

We've created this handy chart to help you figure out what switching yarn will do to your design. To read the chart, find the original brand of loop yarn (the yarn recommended in the pattern) in the first column, then the yarn you want to substitute in the second column. Finally scroll across to the Results columns on the right to see how the change will impact your design.

Want your own printable copy of this chart?  Check out our Loop Yarn Worksheets download, which includes our Loop Yarn Conversion Chart and other useful tools for loop yarn knitters.

Looking to substitute a different brand of loop yarn not shown here?  Our Loop Yarn Worksheets download includes information on how to calculate conversions with any brand of loop yarn!

This chart was updated on September 14, 2022.  


Loop Yarn Conversion Chart