chunky cable knit hat
chunky cable knit hat
chunky cable knit hat
chunky cable knit hat
chunky cable knit hat
chunky cable knit hat
chunky cable knit hat

Chunky Cable Knit Hat With Pom-Pom

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This listing is for one finished handmade chunky cable knit hat.

This super-soft, powder pink, handmade chenille hat, is knit in chunky cables using Alize Puffy yarn in Powder/161 (100% polyester). The hat has a matching, removable faux fur pom-pom (attached wth a snap)

All I LOVE MY BLANKET finger-knitted hats are perfect as a gift for that special person, or to keep for yourself!


SIZE: Approximately 24" (61 cm) in circumference. Please note that chenille yarn is stretchy and that because this is a hand-knit item, size may vary slightly.


Chenille yarn is soft and fluffy: It feels a bit like terry cloth and looks a little bit like muppet fur (but tidier!). This vegan yarn is light-weight but very warm and cozy. There may be some shedding from your chunky cable knit hat with initial use - this should stop once the yarn settles.

Because your chunky cable knit hat is hand-knitted, there may occasionally be loose ends from where the yarn ends were tied and woven in and have come loose with use. Because this is pre-looped yarn, the chances of your hat unravelling are extremely low. Simply weave any loose ends back into the inside of your chunky cable knit hat, or, if you wish, you can sew them in with a needle and thread.


All I LOVE MY BLANKET items are machine-washable in cold water and can be tumble-dried on low (per manufacturer's instructions), but hand washing and hanging your chunky cable knit hat to dry is a good way to extend its life! Please un-snap and remove the faux-fur pom-pom before washing. The pom-pom is surface clean only, and must not be put in the wash.


FREE DELIVERY and tracking to addresses in CANADA and USA!!!

All hats are sent flat, in a poly bubble mailer, in order to maximize packing efficiency.

When you receive your chunky cable knit hat, it will be compressed and compacted from being packaged. Don’t panic! Chenille yarn compresses and recovers well. A quick shake and rub with your hands should fluff it back to normal. You can also throw your chunky cable knit hat in the dryer for about 10 seconds on low temperature. Do not over heat!

I hope you love your chunky cable knit hat as much as I enjoyed making it for you - thank you for supporting a disabled knitter!

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