Shopping in Local Currency

Customers in the United States, Great Britain and countries in the European Union are now able to shop in their local currencies!

The old Currency Converter app, which previously appeared as a drop-down menu, has now been removed. This app showed estimated currency rates, but customers were still required to check out in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

The new app, powered by Shopify Markets, allows customers in select markets to view listings and proceed through checkout, all in their local currency.

At this time the following currencies/markets are enabled:

Canada Canadian Dollars (CAD)
United States U.S. Dollars (USD)
United Kingdom British Pounds (GBP)
European Union Euros (EUR)


PLEASE NOTE: The currency which appears to you is based on your local IP address. If you are using any program which alters your IP address, such as a VPN (Virtual Private Network), the app may be unable to correctly detect your location, and the currency may default to CAD instead.