Why should I buy your stuff here instead of Etsy or Ravelry?

Welcome, and thanks for visiting my shop!

Whether you are a new or existing customer of I Love My Blanket, you're probably asking yourself,

"Why should I use your store instead of just buying your patterns on Etsy or Ravelry? Why should I buy your blankets here?"

and you might even be asking,

"Now that you have a store, is it okay if I still buy your patterns on Etsy, Ravelry or Lovecrafts?"

Hopefully I can answer those questions!

If you are a loyal Etsy or Ravelry customer - have no fear! My patterns and blankets will still be available there, in my existing shops (although free patterns on Ravelry will now be routed through my store). But you may find you want to visit here, as well!


Because I've created this website to be more than just a store. Yes, you can buy my patterns and knitted items here, but I hope you'll find yourself sticking around for the other elements I've created.

  • Specialized searches - While the other sites do have limited search functions/keywords available, the ILoveMyBlanket website has much greater categorization functionality and sorting by collections. I've even created a Find A Pattern page to help you narrow down searches by special characteristics.
  • Blog posts and communication - Etsy and Ravelry are fairly limited in how I can communicate important information to you. I am happy to answer whatever questions you have there, but with the ILoveMyBlanket website, I'm able to share those answers to the entire community and discuss common problems and solutions in a public forum.
  • Errata/Mistakes/Corrections - Mistakes happen in pattern-writing, and I encourage you to report them! The Errata page lists any pattern changes or fixes so customers can easily report and find them.
  • Information for new knitters - the ILoveMyBlanket website has information on finger knitting and loop yarn to get you started from those first steps
  • Information on where to buy yarn - loop yarn comes in many brands and forms all around the world - I've tried to source those suppliers around the world so you can check availability and purchase yarn at the same time as purchasing your patterns

I'm hoping to continue to add new features to this site, including more resource materials, regular blog posts, and a newsletter, for anyone wanting to know when new patterns are added to the site.

Thanks for stopping by!



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