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Customization: How to adapt patterns for size and add your own special touches!

adding_borders cable celtic colourwork custom customization custom_knitting diy finger_knitting how_to knitting_instructions knitting_tutorial loop_yarn modification modifying_patterns multiple_skeins personalization tutorial

So you found a pattern that you love... mostly. Here are tips on how to modify and personalize it to make it perfect.

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SPOTLIGHT ON: Horizontal Chain Stitch

brioche brioche_knit_style diy finger_knitting horizontal_chain horizontal_chain_stitch how_to knitting_instructions knitting_tutorial learning_new_stitches loop_yarn loop_yarn_stitches new_stitch new_stitches proprietary_stitiches spotlight spotlight_on stitch_guide stitch_tutorial tutorial video video_clip video_tutorial

Learn more about one of my original finger-knitting stitch techniques, with photos and video clip instructions!

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